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Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Secret Quests Guide

Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Secret Quests Guide.

What Is the Nameless Treasure?

The Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure is something that the player can uncover in Genshin Impact. It isn’t a single thing. Instead, there are three Nameless Treasures that interested individuals have to collect before proceeding further. The reward isn’t game-changing, but it is always nice to have more Mora, more experience, and more Primogems.

How Can You Find the Nameless Treasure?

Here are instructions for finding the three Nameless Treasures in Liyue:

Dunyu Ruins

Dunyu Ruins contains one of the two major puzzles that must be completed before the player can collect the Nameless Treasures. This is the longest such segment, as shown by the fact that it can be divided up into not one, not two, but three separate steps.

First, interested individuals will have to light up four torches to unlock the Geo totem. There is neither a timed component nor a precision component, meaning that any Pyro character will suffice. However, it is worth mentioning that reaching some of the torches can be a nuisance, so this is one of those places where Amber can prove surprisingly useful for puzzle-solving because of her charged shots. Regardless, one of the torches can be found next to the locked Geo totem. Moving on, there is another torch situated behind a broken pillar out in the water, which can be found southwest of the locked Geo totem. Similarly, there is a third torch on a pillar to the north of the locked Geo totem, which can be reached by either climbing up or with a well-aimed charged shot from Amber. As for the last torch, it is concealed on a set of stairs to the east of the locked Geo totem. If interested individuals can’t see it, they might want to look down.

Second, the player can activate the unlocked Geo totem using any Geo character to drain the lake. This will reveal the treasure chest containing the Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to reach it because of the wind barrier.

Third, interested individuals will have to guide three Seelies to their statues to remove the wind barrier. One of the Seelies is locked up in the west, meaning that it will have to be freed by completing a nearby challenge. Another Seelie is located in the east while being protected by a Ruin Guard. The player doesn’t actually have to defeat the Ruin Guard in order to get at the Seelie. However, if they don’t feel like dodging missiles the entire time, they should remember that an archer can trivialize said enemies. Essentially, interested individuals have to hit the Ruin Guard in its eye, which should cause it to display a staggering motion. The player should not permit the Ruin Guard to complete its recovery because that will enable it to summon a shield to protect its eye. Instead, they should hit it in the eye a second time as it is turning its head, thus causing it to become stunned for a time. Suffice to say that this should make the Ruin Guard very vulnerable. The third Seelie is situated very close to the aforementioned torch on the stairs, thus making it more accessible than its counterparts. Once the player has removed the wind barrier, they will be able to grab the Nameless Treasure.

Lingju Pass

The location of this Nameless Treasure is very memorable. After all, it is buried beneath the golden tree in the middle of the lake. However, interested individuals won’t be able to grab it until they have managed to complete the “And This Treasure Goes To . . .” quest.

The player can start the quest by investigating the camp in Lingju Pass, which is situated very close to the teleport point. Once they have collected the three clues, they will be able to look for the Treasure Hoarders in the western mountains. Said enemies aren’t very formidable save for their swarming. Some of them will seek to close in, while the others will either shoot projectiles or throw projectiles from afar unless they are approached. Fortunately, while some Treasure Hoarders have elemental attacks, they don’t have a lot of elemental resistance. As such, smart use of elemental reaction should enable interested individuals to tear through them. In any case, the player can collect the Treasure Hoarder Key once they have beaten the Treasure Hoarders, thus enabling them to rescue the researcher Alrani. She will point out the location of the Nameless Treasure, thus providing interested individuals with the option to dig it out when they are standing in the right spot.

Qingxu Pool

Qingxu Pool contains the other major puzzle that must be completed before the player can collect the Nameless Treasures. Essentially, interested individuals will have to activate five seals using the power of Geo. Ningguang is the most convenient character for this process because every single one of her attacks counts as Geo. However, every other Geo character can serve the same function because there isn’t a timed component to activating the five seals. As such, if the player has no Geo characters, they can bring in the Geo Traveler.

In any case, the first of the four seals can be found next to the stone tablet providing the narrative background for this segment. It can’t be missed because it is sitting out in the open. Once the player has activated the first seal, they should check out the two nearby towers for the second and three seals. Interested individuals will then have to proceed to a taller-than-normal tower that is separate from its counterparts for the fourth seal. After which, they should head south to find a fifth tower containing the fifth seal standing on its own. Completing the puzzle should spawn the treasure chest containing the Nameless Treasure, thus enabling interested individuals to pick it up.

What Can You Do with the Nameless Treasure?

The item description for the Genshin Impact Nameless Treasures says that the player should contact someone who understands antiques. Naturally, this means Linlang, who runs Xigu Antiques during the night. In total, she is willing to pay 100,000 Mora for the Nameless Treasures, which will also be accompanied by 40 Primogems and 350 Adventure EXP.

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